Buying Annie Sloan Paint



So the projects begin: I stopped at my local Annie Sloan Paint carrier. The paint is expensive, but I was assured that a little does go along way. I will certainly test this. I also was told to purchase the Annie Sloan Paint brushes because of their durability and quality of bristles. So I went ahead and splurged a little on the accessories. I passed up some of the more advanced finishing options. They also explained the purposes of Waxes. The whole purpose of Wax alludes me. I have yet to wax anything before. I bought the clear! They explained the clear wax gives a shinier lighter finish. I also bought the dark just in case I thought I needed it. I was told it was easy to apply and very pretty once dried. We shall see! I will post pictures of my work in progress and try out different techniques that have been shared with me by fellow artists. Wish me luck!


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